Complaints Department

Functioning of the VÖPP Complaints Department 

1 Duties and Responsibilities, Goals

The duty of the complaints department is to handle complaints which pertain to registered psychotherapists with the goal of out of court settlement, or the reconciliation of differences in which the registered psychotherapists are involved. 

Responsibilities also consist of conflicts which arise from the education relationship in propaedeuticum or specialization, provided that a first attempt of clarification is made inside of the provider of the propaedeuticum or the organization of the specialization. Where these first attempts are not deemed reasonable by the complaints department, responsibility ensues directly. 

2 Sanction Possibilities

Should the reconciliation attempt fail, there are the following possibilities: 

2.1 Recorded appraisal of the registered psychotherapist’s willingness to cooperate through the complaints department team. This appraisal can be shared with the claimant and the respondent in the outcome protocol.

This sanction possibility has no direct consequences. It is in all cases an orientation help for the complaints department members for a repeat case. A transfer of the appraisal in the outcome protocol is at the discretion of the complaints department. The claimant is free in further deployment of this appraisal. 

2.2 Recommendation, appeal to the reconciliation. This gives a verdict of what the charges can imply.

2.3 Recommendation to the claimants, introduce the complaint anew with the psychotherapy advisory board grievance committee, or respectively transfer complaints through the VÖPP complaints department to the psychotherapy advisory board grievance committee. Possible consequences are the designated sanctions for psychotherapists and respective deletion from the registry. 

2.4 Information for claimants about legal possibilities (these will also be issued independently from the results of the reconciliation). 

2.5 Possible internal measures within the VÖPP organization.